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Whether you are an industrial customer or a pleasure boat owner, routine maintenance is a MUST to assure your engine does not let you down. 

Progressive Diesel schedules routine maintenance based on the number of hours of operation or number of calendar days. Progressive Diesel checks the major points of engine failure based on how you use your boat. 

For the industrial boat owner, Progressive Diesel will track the number of hours your engine is in service. A schedule is put in place to service your engine during your down time. A wide variety of items can be performed from: changing your oil and checking your belts, to doing an engine oil analysis to get an indication of engine wear.

For the pleasure craft owner, a schedule is planned to assure when you are ready to go, so is your boat. There is nothing more disheartening than planning a big holiday weekend and inviting friends only to find out your engine will not start. Progressive Diesel will routinely check your engine for such things as battery terminal corrosion and fuel filter clogging to make sure when you are ready, you can go without worry. With advance notice, our mechanics will check and see if your engines will start without difficulty before your big outing.